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MXR Script Phase 90

MXR Script Phase 90 with LED

MXR CSP101S Script Phase 90 with LED: Classic Phasing Meets Modern Convenience

A Timeless Effect with a Modern Twist

The MXR Script Phase 90 with LED combines the iconic, smooth phasing tones of the original Phase 90 pedal with modern updates for today's musician. Known for its rich, warm phasing without the pronounced midrange honk of later versions, this pedal provides an effortlessly smooth sound that integrates perfectly into both vintage and contemporary music settings.

Enhanced Features for Improved Usability

While retaining the classic throb and whoosh that made the original Phase 90 a staple on pedalboards around the world, this updated version includes several key features to enhance its functionality:

  • Indicator LED: Never be unsure if your pedal is active with the added indicator LED, a must-have for live performances.
  • Standard 9V Power Jack: Easily integrate the Script Phase 90 into your existing setup without the need for special adapters or batteries.
  • Classic Phasing with a Smooth Tone: Experience the subtle, fluid phasing that allows your fundamental tone to shine through without overwhelming your sound.

Perfect for Any Pedalboard

Its compact size and durable construction make the MXR Script Phase 90 with LED an ideal choice for musicians who need reliable, high-quality effects without sacrificing pedalboard space. Whether you're playing on a small stage or recording in the studio, this pedal is built to perform.


  • Effect Type: Phaser
  • Controls: Speed knob to adjust the rate of the phase effect
  • Power Requirements: Standard 9V DC power supply (sold separately)
  • Indicator: LED active light
  • Construction: Robust metal housing for durability

The MXR Script Phase 90 with LED is perfect for guitarists who crave that vintage-style phase sound but need the practicality of a modern pedal. Whether you're enhancing your solos with subtle texture or adding a sweeping effect to rhythm parts, this pedal delivers beautiful, musical phasing with every use.

This pedal ships fully insured with signature required.