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NUX Mod Core Deluxe mkII Pedal

Manufacturer #:NUX Mod Core DLX MKI

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NuX Mod Core Deluxe MKII Pedal with 8 Different Modulations and Smart Tap Tempo

Shape your tone with advanced routing. Modify your tone with Modulation

The NUX MOD CORE DELUXE MKII is a modulation pedal with 8 different types including ST.CH (Stereo Chorus), CE-1, SCF CHO, SCF FLG, SCF P.M., U-VIBE CHO, U-VIBE VIB and PH-100. You can switch the mod types by way of the Type rotary switch.

This pedal offers advanced signal routing with the included Send and Return. Easily split the mono signal to create customized effect loops! Additionally, you can parallel the 2 signals, and use the Tweak knob in Alt mode to blend the signals. Use the 3-way toggle switch to the desired position, and you are good to go. Keep reading below for more signal routing ideas.

ST.CH (Stereo Chorus) is inspired by the MXR® Stereo Chorus, which is beautiful sounding. We've consolidated the controls by eliminating the bass and treble knobs, now internally set at middle position, and we 've eliminated the need for the bass filter altogether, which is now automatically corrected through the advancements of Core-Image ™ sound modeling.

CE-1 is based on the legendary BOSS® CE-1 which was the first chorus effect pedal on the scene in 1976. Before that, it was only available as a built-in effect on a classic jazz amplifier. The MOD CORE DELUXE MKII exactly replicates the characteristics of this pedal; that special warmth of a rich jazz atmosphere, an immediate recognizable highlight to any musician's tone.

SCF is a tribute to the TC Electronic Stereo Chorus Flanger, one of the best modulation pedals ever made.

SCF CHO: A chorus is basically a pitch generator which mixes multiple delay signals. When the multiple delay signals are mixed with the original signal, a soft and wide sounding modulation effect is created.

SCF FLG: A flanger is based on the same principle as a chorus, although here the signal can be regenerated (like adding feedback on a delay) creating a more distinctive sounding effect.

SCF P.M.: A combination of chorus and pitch vibrato which creates a "light" chorus sound.

U-VIBE is inspired by Dunlop® Uni-Vibe® for its stunningly unique sound. Old-school Uni-vibe delivered a huge 3D sound by simulating the physical Rotating Speaker Effect; that beautiful and unforgettable sound easily associated with Hendrix’s bending facial expressions during his 60s stage performances.

U-VIBE CHO: Depth will change the depth of the sweeping effect.

U-VIBE VIB: Depth will change the degree of pitch modulation.

PH-100 is based on the MXR® PHASE 100 which has both a Speed control and a 4-waveform Intensity control, the Phase 100 offers a broad range of tones.

*All of the brand and model names mentioned on this page are Trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with NUX Effects and Cherub Technology CO. LTD.


8 modulation types in a compact enclosure.

ST.CH is based on MXR® Stereo Chorus.
CE-1 is based on BOSS® CE-1.
SCF is based on TC Electronic® SCF Stereo Chorus Flanger.
U-VIBE is based on Dunlop® UV-1 Uni-Vibe Chorus / Vibrato.
PH-100 is based on MXR® Phase 100.
Normal routing(mono out or stereo out) and advanced routing(PRE, // , POST).
Parallel routing offers Blend parameter.(Alt mode, Tweak becomes Blend parameter.)
Smart Tap Tempo. (50~200 BPM)
Low power consumption. (less than 120mA)
Analog dry signal for low noise and zero latency.


Input Impedance: 1M
Output Impedance: 1k
Dynamic Range: 104 dB
DSP Processing: 48KHz / 32-bit
A/D D/A Sampling Rate: 48KHz / 24-bit
Power: 9V DC(Negative tip, Optional ACD-006A adapter)
Current Drawless than 120mA
Dimensions: 122(L) X 72(W) X 47(H)mm
Weight: 270g