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REVV G3 Overdrive/Distortion

Revv G3 Distortion

Revv G3 Distortion: Clarity, Punch, and Precision

The Revv G3 Distortion pedal captures the clarity, punch, and precision of Revv's signature Purple Channel from the Generator 120 & 100P amplifiers. This pedal delivers a clear, sustaining, amp-like tone that is perfect for a wide range of genres, including metal, rock, prog, blues, fusion, country, punk, and pop. Used by premier artists worldwide, the G3 Distortion offers versatile and high-quality distortion for any guitarist.

Voicing Based on Revv's Purple Channel

The Revv G3 is voiced based on the acclaimed Purple Channel, providing the same powerful and articulate tone in a compact pedal format. This pedal ensures that you get the same high-quality distortion and sustain that Revv amplifiers are known for, making it a great addition to any rig.

Comprehensive Controls for Versatile Tones

The G3 Distortion pedal features a 3-band EQ, 3 aggression modes, volume, and gain controls, allowing you to dial in your desired tone quickly and easily. Whether you're looking for subtle overdrive or heavy distortion, the G3 provides a wide range of tonal possibilities. The blue LED provides status confirmation, ensuring you know when the pedal is engaged.

Built to Last with Top-Mounted Jacks

The Revv G3 is built with durability in mind, featuring a reflective purple, laser-etched, powder-coated chassis. The top-mounted jacks optimize space on your pedalboard, and the pedal is designed to withstand the rigors of frequent use. With over 16 revisions and 1 year of R&D, the G3 is a reliable and road-ready distortion pedal.


  • Voicing: Based on Revv's signature Purple Channel from the Generator 120 & 100P
  • Controls:
    • 3-band EQ
    • 3 aggression modes
    • Volume
    • Gain
  • Power: 9V center negative tip (external power supply only)
  • Features:
    • Blue LED for status confirmation
    • Reflective purple, laser-etched, powder-coated chassis
    • Optimized for analog, digital, & hybrid rigs
    • Top-mounted jacks
  • Durability: Built to last with durable, tested construction
  • Warranty: 1 year

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