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Strymon BigSky MX

Manufacturer #:Z120-BSKY-MX

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Strymon BigSkyMX

Elevate Your Reverb: Strymon BigSky MX

Redefining Reverb Excellence

The Strymon BigSky MX is the ultimate reverb workstation, setting a new standard for reverb pedals with its unparalleled sound quality and innovative features. Building upon the legacy of the original BigSky, this next-generation pedal boasts a tri-core 800 MHz ARM processor, delivering bigger, wider, and more expressive reverbs than ever before. Over the course of four years of development, Strymon has crafted a pedal that stands as the new benchmark for reverb excellence.

Powerful Features, Unmatched Versatility

Equipped with 12 world-class reverb machines, including seven all-new algorithms, the BigSky MX offers unprecedented sonic possibilities. With the ability to use two reverbs simultaneously via Serial, Parallel, or Split audio routing, musicians can create rich, layered textures with ease. The inclusion of a new convolution engine allows for ten-second stereo impulse response playback and full IR editing, providing access to a vast array of custom captures of classic analog studio gear.

Intuitive Control and Connectivity

Featuring a dedicated Infinite/Freeze footswitch and multiple footswitch modes, the BigSky MX offers intuitive control over its vast array of features. Its DIN and TRS MIDI I/O, along with full MIDI integration, ensure seamless integration into any setup. Additionally, stereo I/O, USB-C connectivity for MIDI, patch management, and IR loading, and an analog dry path for zero-latency dry signal ensure maximum versatility and convenience for musicians of all styles.


  • Processor: Tri-core 800 MHz ARM
  • Reverb Machines: 12
  • Audio Routing: Serial, Parallel, Split
  • Impulse Response Engine: Ten-second IR playback, full IR editing
  • Impulse Responses: 22 preloaded custom captures of classic analog gear
  • Footswitches: Dedicated Infinite/Freeze footswitch, multiple footswitch modes
  • Connectivity: DIN and TRS MIDI I/O, USB-C
  • Dry Signal: Analog dry path for zero latency
  • Power Requirement: 9V DC power supply with 500ma of current (not included)
  • Display: Large OLED

*This reverb pedal ships fully insured with signature required.*