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Strymon TimeLine Delay Pedal

Strymon Timeline Multi Delay 

Strymon Timeline: The Ultimate Delay Effects Pedal

When Strymon set out to create a studio-class stereo delay effects pedal, they aimed to surpass all existing standards in sound quality, flexibility, hardware design, and processing power. Months were spent in the Strymon sound design labs to develop the most spacious, lush, creative, and tweakable delay effects ever heard. With a powerful SHARC DSP, the Timeline harnesses every drop of processing power, delivering a monumental delay experience.

Explore Your Creativity

The Timeline offers twelve unique delay machines, each providing extensive control over sonic character and feel. From crisp, clear digital delays to the saturated sounds of tape delay machines, and warm analog repeats to shimmery, sparkling ice delays, the Timeline covers a wide range of delay tones. Users can tweak to their heart's content and save up to 200 presets of their favorite sounds. Full MIDI implementation and a 30-second stereo looper with routing options make this pedal a powerful tool for creative exploration.

Twelve Unique Delay Machines

The Timeline provides twelve studio-class, fully tweakable delay machines:

  • Digital: Classic voiced digital delay with extensive tone shaping options.
  • Dual: Dual delay lines for complex rhythmic patterns.
  • Pattern: Rhythmic delay patterns for unique soundscapes.
  • Reverse: Classic reverse delay for backward effects.
  • Ice: Shimmery, crystalline delays with pitch shifting.
  • Duck: Dynamic delay that responds to your playing.
  • Swell: Volume swell delays for ambient textures.
  • Trem: Tremolo-infused delays.
  • Filter: Delays with filter effects for added texture.
  • Lo-Fi: Delays with a vintage, degraded sound.
  • dTape: Tape delay emulation with warmth and saturation.
  • dBucket: Bucket brigade delay emulation with analog characteristics.

Superior Sound Design and Hardware

The Timeline is designed with hand-crafted, studio-class delay algorithms, ensuring meticulous, detailed, and nuanced delay experiences. Seven front-panel tone shaping knobs provide easy access to core parameters, while additional menu-driven parameters allow for complete tweakability. The hardware features three rugged metal footswitches for preset selection, effect bypass, looper control, and Tap Tempo. An LED display provides preset info, BPM/time readout, and extended parameter control.


  • Sound Design:

    • Twelve delay machines: Digital, Dual, Pattern, Reverse, Ice, Duck, Swell, Trem, Filter, Lo-fi, dTape, dBucket.
    • Seven front-panel tone shaping knobs: Time, Repeats, Mix, Filter, Grit, Mod Speed, Mod Depth.
    • Additional menu-driven parameters for flexible tone shaping.
    • 200 easily accessible and nameable presets.
  • Hardware:

    • Three rugged metal footswitches.
    • LED display for preset info and BPM/time readout.
    • Multi-color preset LEDs.
    • Full MIDI implementation.
    • 30-second stereo looper with MIDI capability.
    • Sturdy gunmetal gray anodized aluminum chassis.
    • Durable black anodized aluminum knobs.
    • Studio-grade audio input and output jacks.
  • Ins & Outs:

    • Stereo input and output.
    • Expression pedal input, configurable as external tap input.
    • MIDI input and output.
    • Switchable I/O configuration: Stereo Out or Mono with Delay Feedback Loop Insert.
    • Included 9V center-negative power supply (300mA minimum required).
  • Audio Quality:

    • 24-bit 96kHz A/D and D/A converters.
    • 115dB typical signal to noise.
    • Analog dry path.
    • Premium analog front end and output section.
    • 32-bit floating point processing.
  • More:

    • True Bypass.
    • Selectable Trails mode.
    • +/- 3dB Boost/Cut, saveable per preset.
    • Selectable Tap Subdivision, saveable per preset.
    • Optional Kill Dry mode.
    • Optional Global Tap Tempo mode.
    • Dimensions: 6.75 inches (171mm) wide, 5.1 inches (130mm) deep.
    • Designed and Built in the USA.

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