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UA Golden Reverberator Pedal

Manufacturer #:GPM-GOLD

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Universal Audio Golden Reverberator

Harnessing more than 20 years of reverb modeling expertise, UAFX Golden Reverberator puts a trio of iconic reverbs right at your feet. The tube-driven spring reverb of classic 60s guitar amps. The dense and haunting sound of 50s studio plate reverbs. The endless algorithmic wonder of early digital reverbhardware.

Built upon powerful UAFX dualengine processing and unprecedented levels of sonic authenticity, Golden Reverberator is a flagship, nocompromise reverb unit, built to inspire you fordecades.

Three distinct tubedriven spring reverb tanks, painstakingly selected from 1960s American guitaramps.Vintage German studio plate reverbs, modeled from the iconic Record Plantstudio.Exact bitforbit late1970's digital reverb algorithms from classic studiohardware.

Dual Stereo Reverb Engines forEndlessCreativity

Built from the ground up for UAFX, Golden Reverberator's powerful engine runs separate stereo instances of each reverb effect, thanks to its unique dualengine processing giving you uncanny threedimensional, immersive soundscapes. This results in a stereo spread of complex, aweinspiring spatial textures, and seamless effect transitions withtrails.

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