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Xotic SP Compressor

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Xotic SP Compressor

Unveiling the versatile SP Compressor from Xotic

A Legacy of Excellence 

The Xotic SP Compressor stands as a testament to the revered OTA technology utilized in the legendary Ross Compressor, renowned among guitarists for its unparalleled performance. With the SP Compressor, Xotic introduces a compact yet powerful pedal that inherits the exceptional tone quality of its predecessor while offering a wide array of compressor tones. From vintage warmth to subtle compression to modern dynamics, this pedal delivers exceptional versatility to suit any musical style.

Superior Tone Control

Featuring a dry blend knob, the Xotic SP Compressor puts precise tone control at your fingertips. Whether you prefer a transparent compression effect or wish to retain the natural dynamics of your playing, the dry blend function allows you to dial in the perfect balance between compressed and unaffected signals. This level of control ensures that your tone retains its clarity and character, even under heavy compression.

Dynamic Boost Capabilities

In addition to its compression features, the Xotic SP Compressor offers up to +15dB of boost, providing an extra punch and presence to your sound when needed. Whether you're looking to cut through the mix during solos or add warmth and sustain to your clean tones, the boost function empowers you to take your playing to new heights. With the SP Compressor, achieving the perfect balance of compression and boost is effortless.

Precision Attack Control

Equipped with an internal dip switch for attack control, the Xotic SP Compressor allows you to tailor the pedal's response to suit your playing style and preferences. Whether you prefer a fast attack for crisp, defined notes or a slower attack for smoother transitions, this feature ensures that the compressor reacts precisely to your playing dynamics, resulting in a more personalized and expressive performance.

Compact Design, Professional Performance

Designed with the working musician in mind, the Xotic SP Compressor combines professional-grade performance with a compact footprint, making it an essential addition to any pedalboard. Its rugged construction ensures reliability on the road, while its intuitive controls and versatile features make it suitable for a wide range of musical applications. From stage to studio, the SP Compressor delivers exceptional tone and performance wherever you go.


  • Technology: OTA (Operational Transconductance Amplifier)
  • Compression Tones: Vintage to Modern
  • Controls: Dry Blend Knob, +15dB Boost, Internal Dip Switch for Attack Control
  • Boost: Up to +15dB
  • Footprint: Compact
  • Construction: Rugged and Reliable
  • Compatibility: Suitable for Stage and Studio Use

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