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EVH 5150III 15W LBXII White Cage

5150III 15W LBXII Head, White Cage

5150III 15W LBXII Head, White Cage - Powerful Punch in a Compact Package

The EVH 5150III LBXII is a 15-watt guitar amp head that packs an extraordinary and powerful punch. This 2.0 version of the diminutive, easy-to-carry lunchbox head features the famous Green and Blue channels, delivering sparkling clean tone and punchy gain to inspire unlimited artistic expression.

Versatile Channels and Tubes

Armed with four ECC83S (12AX7) preamp tubes and two EL84 power tubes, the LBXII provides rich and dynamic sound. The amp includes dual-concentric gain and volume controls for precise and independent control of each channel, along with shared EQ presence and resonance controls. The Green channel offers a crystal clean tone or a bluesier counterpart when the gain is turned up, while the Blue channel, selectable via a one-button footswitch, delivers a tight and compressed overdriven tone with sustain for days.

Bedroom and Stage Friendly

Bedroom players can utilize the 1/4-power switch to reduce the head to 3.5 watts, avoiding disturbance to the rest of the household. Studio and live musicians can leverage this feature to turn up the head for a squeezed and spongy tone, making the LBXII suitable for various playing environments.

Exceptional Construction and Style

Boasting exceptional construction, the LBXII features a black control panel and a distinctive white metal grill cage with the iconic EVH striped motif. The aluminum/steel chassis ensures durability, while the vinyl handle with metal insert and black end caps provides a comfortable grip for easy transport. This amp head is not only a phenomenal performer but also a stylish addition to any setup.


  • Model Number: 2256010000
  • Series: EVH 5150III Heads
  • Country of Origin: MX
  • Color: White Cage
  • Amplifier Type: Tube
  • Control Knobs: White Chicken-Head Style Pointer
  • Inputs: One - 1/4"
  • Rectifier: Solid State
  • Cabinet Material: Aluminum/Steel Chassis
  • Handle: Vinyl with Metal Insert and Black End Caps
  • Total Impedance: 4, 8, or 16 ohms
  • Power Tubes: 2 x JJ EL84
  • Preamp Tubes: 4 x JJ ECC83S (12AX7)
  • Dimensions: 10.50" x 12.00" x 17.00"
  • Weight: 17.40 lbs
  • Footswitch: 1-Button Footswitch Included
  • Recommended Cover: Optional P/N 0221600006

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