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Fender Frontman 20G

Fender Frontman 20G 1x8 Combo

Fender Frontman 20G: Affordable Excellence in Sound

The Fender Frontman 20G combines familiar Fender aesthetics with top-notch sound quality at a price that suits every player's budget. This compact yet powerful amplifier is designed to deliver exceptional performance, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned musicians. With its intuitive controls and versatile features, the Frontman 20G is perfect for practice sessions and small performances.

Intuitive Design for All Musicians

The Frontman 20G features a simple, user-friendly design that anyone can quickly master. It includes a clean channel equipped with volume and three EQ knobs—treble, middle, and bass—providing sonic flexibility to shape your sound precisely. Additionally, the amp has a separate switchable drive channel with its own volume control, allowing you to switch between clean and overdriven tones effortlessly. This straightforward layout ensures that you can focus on your playing without getting lost in complicated settings.

Convenient Features for Modern Players

This amplifier is equipped with features that cater to the needs of modern musicians. The 1/8" auxiliary input allows you to play along with your favorite tracks, making practice sessions more enjoyable and productive. Additionally, the headphone jack enables silent practice, ensuring that you can play any time without disturbing others. Whether you're jamming with friends or practicing alone, the Frontman 20G offers the flexibility and convenience you need.

Powerful Sound in a Compact Package

Despite its compact size, the Frontman 20G packs a punch with its 20-watt output and 8" Fender Special Design speaker. The closed-back construction enhances the amp's sound projection and tonal depth, delivering impressive tones suitable for various musical styles. Whether you're practicing at home or performing in small venues, this amplifier provides reliable and high-quality sound that will enhance your performance.


  • Model Number: 2311500000
  • Series: Frontman
  • Country of Origin: CN
  • Color: Black
  • Amplifier Type: Solid State
  • Control Knobs: Vintage-Style Skirted Black Plastic
  • Inputs: One 1/4"
  • Auxiliary Input: 1/8 in (3.5 mm) Stereo
  • Headphone Jack: 1/8" Stereo
  • Channels: Two
  • Effects: Overdrive
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Wattage: 20 Watts


  • Control Panel: Normal Volume, Gain, Drive Select Switch, Drive Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass
  • Amplifier Covering: Black Textured Vinyl
  • Cabinet Material: 3/4" Particle Board
  • Grille Cloth: Silver-Strand
  • Handle: Molded Plastic Strap with Nickel-Plated Caps
  • Front Panel: Black


  • Speakers: One - 8" Fender Special Design
  • Total Impedance: 8 ohms