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Mesa Boogie Fillmore 50 - 50-watt 1x12" 2-channel Tube Combo

MESA Boogie Fillmore 50 1x12 Combo

MESA Boogie Fillmore 50: Vintage-Inspired Magic

Introducing the MESA Boogie Fillmore 50 1x12 Combo, a vintage-voiced amplifier that draws from a different branch of the Boogie Family Tree. Designed to capture the essence of classic rock, this amp offers soft clip to saturated tones through a simple, 2-channel, 3-mode platform. The Fillmore 50 brings to life the nuanced, organic sounds reminiscent of the iconic venues it pays tribute to, providing guitarists with a super-responsive and expressive gain experience.

Pure Vintage Inspiration with Modern Flexibility

The Fillmore 50 is named in homage to the legendary bi-coastal Fillmore venues that hosted some of the biggest names in classic rock. This amp features two fully independent, footswitchable channels, each offering three modes: Clean, Drive, and HI. These channels are designed with independent controls for gain, treble, mid, bass, presence, reverb, and master, allowing for precise tonal shaping. The Fillmore 50's all-tube, long-tank spring reverb provides lush, vintage reverb effects that enhance your sound without overwhelming it.

Exceptional Sound and Performance

The Fillmore 50 is built with Mesa's proprietary Dyna-Watt power amp, delivering 50 watts of Class A/B pentode power for maximum punch and clarity, and 25 watts of Class A/B triode power for lush harmonics and a smooth feel at lower volumes. This amp is equipped with 5x Mesa 12AX7 preamp tubes and 2x Mesa 6L6 power tubes, ensuring rich, warm tones that can be tailored to any style. The 1x12 combo features a Celestion Custom 90 speaker, providing robust sound with a total load of 8 ohms.

Built for Versatility and Ease of Use

The Fillmore 50's classic design and modern features make it perfect for gigging, recording, and practice. The fully buffered series FX loop allows for seamless integration of your favorite effects, while the external switching jack provides easy reverb control. The amp's aluminum chassis and marine-grade Baltic birch cabinet ensure durability and reliability. Despite its powerful features, the Fillmore 50 maintains a compact and portable form factor, making it an excellent choice for musicians on the go.


Amplifier Features

  • Amp Type: Tube
  • Chassis Material: Aluminum
  • Rectifier Type: Silicon Diodes
  • Preamp Tubes: 5x Mesa 12AX7
  • Power Amp Tubes: 2x Mesa 6L6
  • Bias Switch for Alternate Power Tubes Types: No
  • Maintenance Free Fixed Bias: Yes
  • Wattage(s) Quick Reference: 50 or 25 Watts via single, global 50/25 Watt Power Switch
  • Built-In Power Amp Attenuation: No
  • Power Amp Details: Class A/B Power with a single, global 50/25 Power Switch; Pentode (50 Watts) or Triode (25 Watts) configurations
  • Cooling: Convection
  • Number of Footswitchable Channels: Two
  • Number of Style Modes: Three per channel (Clean, Drive, HI)
  • Channel Controls: Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, Reverb, Master
  • Reverb / Effects & Bypass Options: All-Tube, Spring Reverb with Independent Channel Controls
  • Effects Loop & Bypass Options: Fully Buffered Series FX Loop
  • External Switching Jack: For Reverb On/Off (Footswitch and Cable sold separately)
  • Speaker Outputs: One 8 Ohm and Two 4 Ohm

Weight and Dimensions

  • Weight: 45 lbs.
  • Height: 17 7/8"
  • Width: 22 3/4"
  • Depth: 10 1/8"

This amplifier ships fully insured with signature required.