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Mesa Boogie Mark VII 1X12 Combo

Mesa Boogie Mark VII 1x12 Combo - Black Bronco

Elevate Your Tone: Mesa Boogie Mark VII 1x12 Combo

Masterful Innovation in Amplifier Design

The MARK VII represents the culmination of Randall Smith's unparalleled expertise in amplifier design spanning over five decades. This model encapsulates Smith's knowledge, innovation, and dedication to performance, condensed into the simplest, most versatile, and compact 90-watt Mark Series amplifier to date. With its 3-channel, 9-mode preamp and legendary Simul-Class Power section, offering three distinct characters across various wattage ranges, the Mark VII redefines adaptability, delivering soulful tube tone and an unparalleled playing experience for discerning musicians.

Unprecedented Tone and Flexibility

The long-awaited "Simul Seven" takes a quantum leap forward, surpassing its predecessors, the Mark Five and the secret Mark Six prototype, to become the most power-packed Boogie Mark model ever. In addition to preserving the legacy Mark sounds, the Mark VII introduces two new voices: the iconic Mark IIB and a modern high-gain Mode, aptly named Mark VII, brimming with character and attitude. This do-it-all Tone machine offers unparalleled flexibility, compact design, and seamless interfacing, ensuring legendary Mark performance in any musical scenario.

Iconic Features, Enhanced Performance

The Mark VII incorporates iconic Boogie features such as the on-board Graphic EQ, lush Reverb, seamless Effects Loop, and innovative Power switching. Notably, it introduces the CabClone IR DI Direct Interface, featuring great-sounding IRs from the standalone CabClone IR. With individual assignment of 8 Rectifier and Boogie Cabinets per Channel, this built-in version offers unmatched tunability of Direct sounds. The Mark VII epitomizes the next chapter in the Boogie legacy, delivering analog, all-tube sound, soul, and feel in a more compact, yet comprehensive package.


  • General Information:
    • Product Name & Format: Mark VII Combo
    • Product Series: Mark Series
    • Build Location: Built In Petaluma, CA, with the Worlds Finest Materials
  • Quick Overview:
    • Wattage: Multi-Watt 25, 45, or 90 (Channel Assignable)
    • Power Tube Type: 4x Mesa 6L6 or EL-34
    • Channels & Modes: 3 Channels / 9 Modes
    • Mode Voicings/Styles:
      • Ch. 1 = Clean, Fat, or Crunch
      • Ch. 2 = Fat, Crunch, or Mark VII
      • Ch. 3 = Mark IIB, Mark IIC+, or Mark IV
    • Speaker(s) & Impedance: 1 - 8 Ohm Celestion Custom 90 / Total Load = 8 Ohms
    • Weight: 58 Lbs. / 26.31 kg
    • Dimensions: 18 1/4 H x 18 3/4 W x 11 1/2 D (46.36 cm H x 47.63 cm W x 29.21 cm D)
    • Available Formats: Head, Rackmount Head, & 1x12 Combo

Model 1.MK7.AB.CO

*This amplifier ships fully insured with signature required.*