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Pre-Owned 1967 Fender Super Reverb Model AB763

1967 Fender Super Reverb Model AB763

1967 Fender Super Reverb Model AB763: Authentic Vintage Tone

Experience the genuine sound and feel of a true vintage amplifier with the 1967 Fender Super Reverb Model AB763. Unlike many modern reissues, this amplifier is an original from 1967, offering a unique and authentic tonal experience that has been cherished by musicians for decades.

Authentic Vintage Sound

  • Original Components: This Super Reverb is not a reproduction; it's the real deal. Its vintage components, including the original CTS speakers and transformers, deliver a sound that can't be replicated by modern reissues.
  • Historic Build Quality: Built during the golden era of Fender amplifiers, this amp features a build quality and attention to detail that is a testament to Fender's legacy.
  • Rich Heritage: The amp's design and circuitry are true to the period, preserving the classic sound that defined an era of music. The lower negative feedback and unique mid caps provide a tone that is both thick and clear, capturing the essence of the '60s rock and blues.

Key Features

  • Speaker Configuration: Equipped with four 10-inch, eight-ohm CTS speakers from 1967, ensuring an authentic vintage sound with excellent clarity and punch.
  • Upgraded Output Transformer: The large 50-watt power transformer, similar to the blackface Bassman, adds volume, headroom, and a distinct voice that modern reissues strive to emulate.
  • Vibrato Channel: Includes a Middle tone control for versatile sound shaping, maintaining the original design's flexibility.
  • Power and Headroom: Outputs around 40 watts into a 2-ohm speaker load, providing impressive volume and headroom that few modern amps can match.
  • Original Tube Chart: Although it shows signs of age, the original tube chart is present, adding to the amp's vintage authenticity.


  • Model: 1967 Fender Super Reverb Model AB763 4x10 Combo Amplifier
  • Serial Number: A27219
  • Transformer Code: 022798 606727 (1967, 27th week)
  • Choke: 606-7-23 (1967, 23rd week)
  • Speaker Info: CTS 1967, 35th week - 137 735 064121
  • Tube Chart: Present, showing vintage wear
  • Knob Set Screws: Hex at "1"
  • Power Cord: 3-prong power cord installed for modern safety
  • Condition Notes: 3rd knob chipped and missing set screw; pots cleaned, and BIAS cap replaced

Owning this 1967 Fender Super Reverb Model AB763 means holding a piece of music history. Its vintage components and design provide an unmatched playing experience that modern reissues simply cannot offer. This amplifier is a must-have for collectors and serious musicians who appreciate the unparalleled quality and sound of a true vintage Fender amp.


This amplifier works nicely and is in good condition, exhibiting a good amount of wear and aging that could be expected from a 50 year old amplifier. It has been well used, but brought up to speed with a new 3-prong power cord for safety and has had the pots cleaned and BIAS cap replaced. Cover is included.

This amplifier ships fully insured with signature required.