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PRS ATA Molded Multi Fit D1 Case

PRS Molded ATA Multi Fit D1 Case 


PRS Molded ATA Multi-Fit D1 Case: Ultimate Protection for Your Guitar

The PRS Molded ATA Multi-Fit D1 guitar case is designed to provide superior protection for your instrument, whether you're a landlubber or a frequent flyer. Crafted by PRS, renowned for their high-quality guitars, this deluxe hardshell case ensures your guitar is safeguarded at every step of your journey, including through TSA checkpoints. The ATA Molded Multi-Fit D1 case's exterior is constructed to military and ATA-grade specifications, offering unparalleled durability and protection.

Military-Grade Exterior and Plush Interior

The exterior of the PRS Molded ATA Multi-Fit D1 case is built from molded polyethylene, meeting military and ATA-grade standards. This robust shell shields your guitar from impacts and harsh conditions. Inside, a plush black interior provides gentle yet secure protection against scuffs and scratches. The interior also features a neck cradle that prevents major issues like warps and snaps, ensuring your guitar remains in perfect playing condition.

Innovative and Durable Hardware

This case is equipped with durable exterior hardware, including latch housings with a rounded design that deflects impacts away from the hardware and case. The highlight of the case is its proprietary latch system, inspired by zip ties, which allows for near-instant access on demand. This innovative system not only provides TSA and airport security with quick access but also makes the case virtually impervious to accidental unlocks, offering peace of mind during travel.

Fits SE, CE, S2, and Core Model PRS Guitars

Designed to accommodate a wide range of PRS guitars, the ATA Molded Multi-Fit D1 case fits SE, CE, S2, and Core model PRS guitars. This versatility ensures that no matter which PRS model you own, your guitar will have a secure and snug fit in this high-quality case.

Ample Storage and Ergonomic Design

The PRS Molded ATA Multi-Fit D1 case includes two internal pockets/compartments for storing accessories, ensuring you have everything you need on the go. The case also features a comfortable handle, making it easy to carry through airports, venues, and anywhere else your music takes you.


  • Internal Overall Length: 39 inches
  • Internal Body Length: 18 inches
  • Internal Body Depth: 2 inches
  • Internal Lower Bout Width: 13 inches
  • Internal Middle Bout Width: 8 inches
  • Internal Upper Bout Width: 10 inches
  • Exterior Finish Material: Molded polyethylene
  • Interior Materials: Black plush
  • Pockets/Compartments: 2 internal
  • Handles/Straps: 1 handle

This case ships fully insured with signature required.