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Warm Audio WA-44 Vintage 44 Style Large Ribbon Microphone with CineMag Transformer

Manufacturer #:WA-44

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Warm Audio WA-44 Vintage 44 Style Large Ribbon Microphone with CineMag Transformer

Warm Audio WA-44 Vintage 44 Style Large Ribbon Microphone: Iconic Studio Masterpiece

The Warm Audio WA-44 is a meticulous recreation of the legendary RCA 44BX studio ribbon microphone, a fixture in professional studios since the 1930s. Renowned for its profound impact on the recording industry, the WA-44 channels the essence of its historical counterpart, delivering a sound that is rich with powerful bass, lush mids, and tamed highs. Ideal for capturing the iconic warm, vintage tones that were a favorite of legendary artists like Elvis Presley and Ella Fitzgerald, the WA-44 excels in handling loud audio sources with its pronounced proximity effect.

Boutique-Quality Design and Premium Components

This studio ribbon microphone boasts a boutique-quality build, crafted with precision to reflect the revered 1930s RCA 44BX design. The ribbon is a custom-crafted Japanese creation, 99.1% pure aluminum and 2.5 microns thick, ensuring an accurate and detailed sound capture. It is paired with a robust Neodymium magnet and a large-core CineMag transformer, both contributing to the microphone’s ability to deliver rich sound detail and full-bodied output. This setup not only enhances the WA-44's performance but also ensures it stands up to modern studio demands while retaining classic tonal characteristics.

Advanced Features for Superior Recording

The WA-44 is designed with an intricate headbasket and a durable steel body, prepared to withstand daily studio use. The microphone’s figure-8 polar pattern is perfect for achieving detailed studio recordings, rejecting side noises and capturing reflections that add depth to any mix. The attached Gotham AG premium Star-Quad shielded XLR cable further enhances the sound quality, ensuring that every recording is as clear and vibrant as possible.

How to Optimize Your WA-44 Experience

To fully utilize the WA-44’s capabilities, it is recommended to pair it with a high-quality, discrete analog mic preamp, such as those in the WA-MPX, WA73, or WA12 series, or an active inline preamp like the Warm Lifter for optimal performance. This ensures the microphone receives enough gain to bring out the full richness of its sound without introducing noise.

Technical Specifications and Included Accessories:

  • Custom CineMag USA Transformer
  • Ribbon Material: 99.1% Aluminum, 2.5-Micron thick (4.7mm x 59.7mm)
  • Polar Pattern: Figure-8
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz-20 KHz (+/- 12db)
  • Max SPL: 140dB
  • Output Impedance: 270 Ohms
  • Cable: Pigtail XLR Gotham Cable with Star Quad Shielding
  • Dimensions: Length: 12.5 inches, Width: 4.75 inches, Depth: 2.7 inches
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs
  • Included Accessories: 3/8" Mic Stand Adapter, Embroidered Microphone “Sock”, Embroidered Microphone Case

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