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Pre-Owned JBL Model 4602 Cabaret Series Wedge Monitors - Set of 2 - LOCAL PICKUP ONLY


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JBL Moder 4602 Cabaret Series Wedge Monitors - Set of 2 - LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

JBL 4602 Cabaret Series Wedge Monitors: Elevate Your Sound

BUY ONE, GET ONE! These JBL 4602A Cabaret Series Floor Wedge Monitors are being sold only as a pair (note: one is non-functioning and requires re-coning of the E120-8). Renowned for their exceptional performance, these monitors were famously used by legends like Jerry Garcia, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Albert Collins during live performances.

High-Quality Components for Superior Performance

The JBL 4602A Cabaret Series speaker system is designed with high-quality components to deliver superior sound performance. Each monitor features an E120-8 8-ohm woofer known for its deep and punchy low-end frequencies, along with an adjustable front horn-type tweeter 2402 with a ring-type diaphragm for crisp and detailed treble. The classic JBL aluminum dust cap adds to its durability and sound quality, making these monitors ideal for both studio reference (SR) and musical instrument (MI) applications.

Durable Construction for Longevity and Portability

Constructed from 19 mm thick rigid multi-layer plywood and coated with polyurethane paint, the JBL 4602A enclosures are built to withstand the rigors of transport and use. The durable construction ensures that these monitors will provide reliable performance over time, even in demanding environments. The enclosures feature adjustable settings of 30 and 60 degrees for optimal sound dispersion, allowing you to tailor the speaker’s projection to suit different venues and applications.

Convenient Features for Easy Setup and Transportation

The JBL 4602A monitors are designed with practical features to facilitate easy setup and transportation. The front cover protects the speaker’s net and grill cloth during transit, while the polycarbonate corner guards provide additional protection when stacking multiple units. A sturdy carrying handle enhances portability, making it easy to transport the speaker system to gigs, rehearsals, or studio sessions.


  • Model: JBL 4602A Cabaret Series
  • Woofer: 30 cm (12 inches) E120-8 8-ohm
  • Tweeter: Horn-type 2402 with ring-type diaphragm
  • Enclosure Material: 19 mm thick rigid multi-layer plywood
  • Enclosure Coating: Polyurethane paint
  • Enclosure Adjustability: 30 and 60-degree settings
  • Attenuator: Continuously variable for high frequency


One of these monitors works as intended and is in good condition - the other is in fair condition and will require re-coning. Both monitors exhibit heavy external wear as can be seen in photos.