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ADJ Gaffer Tape 4"

American DJ GT4B4 Inch Wide Gaffers Tape (Black)

  • American DJ GT4B 4-Inch Wide Gaffers Tape (Black): Essential for Stage Safety

    Ensure stage safety with the American DJ GT4B Gaffers Tape, a must-have for taping down wires and cables securely. This high-quality black gaffers tape is 4 inches wide and 45 yards long, making it perfect for a variety of applications in live performances, stage setups, and events. Whether you're a professional stage manager, DJ, or event organizer, this tape is an essential tool for maintaining a clean and safe performance space.

    Durable and Reliable

    The American DJ GT4B Gaffers Tape is designed to be strong and durable, providing a reliable solution for securing cables and wires. Its high-quality adhesive ensures that the tape sticks firmly to various surfaces without leaving residue, making it easy to use and remove as needed. The tape's 4-inch width offers ample coverage, ensuring that even the thickest cables stay in place.

    Versatile Use

    Ideal for taping down wires and cables for proper safety on stage, the American DJ GT4B Gaffers Tape is also versatile enough for other applications. Use it for marking stage positions, securing lighting fixtures, and bundling cables. Its black color blends seamlessly with stage floors and equipment, ensuring that it remains unobtrusive during performances.


    • Width: 4 inches
    • Length: 45 yards
    • Color: Black
    • Great for taping down wires and cables for proper safety on stage
    • High-quality adhesive leaves no residue
    • Durable and strong for reliable performance
    • Easy to tear and apply