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Truetone 1Spot MC5

1 Spot MC5 Multi-Plug 5 Cable

1 Spot MC5 Multi-Plug 5 Cable: Power Your Pedalboard with Ease

Streamline Your Setup

The 1 Spot MC5 Multi-Plug 5 Cable is the ultimate solution for powering multiple effects pedals with a single power source. Ideal for musicians looking to simplify their pedalboard, the MC5 allows you to connect up to five pedals to one 1 SPOT power adapter. This not only cleans up the setup by reducing the clutter of multiple power adapters but also ensures a consistent power supply to all your effects units.

Expandable Power Solution

One of the standout features of the MC5 Multi-Plug 5 Cable is its expandability. For setups requiring more than five pedals, you can easily chain multiple MC5 cables together, allowing you to power an extensive array of pedals with just one 1 SPOT power adapter. This capability makes it a perfect choice for both small and large pedalboards.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Compatibility: Connects directly to the 1 SPOT power adapter, powering up to five pedals.
  • Expandable: Link multiple MC5 cables to power more than five pedals, ideal for large setups.
  • Efficient Design: Reduces setup complexity and cable clutter, creating a cleaner, more organized pedalboard.
  • Power Capacity: Just a single 1 SPOT adapter can power your entire pedalboard when used with one or more MC5 cables.