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Audix F50S Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Audix F50S Dynamic Vocal Microphone with switch

Audix F50S Dynamic Vocal Microphone: Clarity Meets Versatility

Optimized for Live Performance

Step into the spotlight with the Audix F50S Dynamic Vocal Microphone, specifically engineered for live performance settings. The F50S stands out with its tight, uniformly controlled cardioid polar pattern, which effectively isolates vocals from surrounding instruments on stage. This feature ensures that your voice cuts through the mix with clarity and precision, making it ideal for both lead and backing vocalists.

Superior Sound Quality

The F50S delivers warm, natural sound reproduction that captures the nuances of your voice. It's built to handle high Sound Pressure Levels (SPLs) without distortion, which means you can deliver powerful performances without worrying about audio quality. Its resistance to feedback is particularly advantageous in live settings, allowing you to move freely on stage and interact with your audience without the hassle of unwanted noise.

Durable and Versatile

As an entry-level, all-purpose vocal microphone, the F50S is designed to accommodate a wide range of live and studio settings, from small to midsize PA systems. Its rugged construction ensures durability and reliability, making it a trustworthy addition to any performer's gear lineup. Whether you're performing in a cozy cafe or recording in a home studio, the F50S provides consistent performance.

Convenient Features and Accessories

The F50S also features an on/off switch, providing you with easy control over audio output during performances—ideal for seamless transitions and preventing feedback when not in use. Each microphone comes equipped with essential accessories to get you started:

  • MC1: Standard nylon molded clip for easy attachment to various stands.
  • P1: Carrying pouch for secure storage and transport.


  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Applications: Live stage, studio
  • Feedback Resistance: High
  • SPL Handling: High, with no distortion
  • Switch: On/off switch for convenient sound control

The Audix F50S Dynamic Vocal Microphone combines affordability with performance, offering budding artists and seasoned performers alike a reliable tool for enhancing their vocal presence. With its user-friendly features and robust design, it's prepared to accompany you through every note of your musical journey.