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Bad Cat Black Cat 20w Head

Manufacturer #:BCP-2207

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Bad Cat Black Cat 20w Head Amplifier

Bad Cat Black Cat 20w Head: Redefining Classic Tone

Step aside traditional expectations—the Bad Cat Black Cat 20w Head is here to innovate the guitar amp landscape. While many amps promise familiar sounds reminiscent of classic heroes, the Black Cat dares to be different. Yes, it boasts the treasured all-tube signal path and premium Celestion speakers, but it’s the unique internal design and output that set it apart. Its innovative features deliver a fresh, lively sound that breaks away from the constraints typical of traditional amps, ensuring every note you play feels immediate and rich.

Powerful Performance with Versatile Dynamics

The Black Cat’s heart beats with a 20W power amp driven by a cathode bias pair of EL84s, offering a robust output that’s loud enough to accompany a live drummer yet controlled enough for bedroom practice thanks to an effective master volume. Channel one shines with a clean and punchy crunch, while channel two escalates from an addictive crunch to a thick hard rock snarl. This dynamic range lets you explore everything from sparkling cleans to gritty distortion, all without losing clarity or punch.

Innovative Controls and Effects

Finding your signature sound is effortless with the Black Cat. The amp features a unique two-band EQ and powerful cut control, making tone shaping simple and intuitive. Added to this are the lush, custom-tuned reverb and an adjustable bias tremolo, enhancing your sound with texture and depth. These features ensure that whether you're practicing at home or performing live, your tone remains full and vibrant.

Seamless Integration with Your Pedal Setup

Bad Cat understands the modern guitarist’s need for seamless pedal integration. The Black Cat excels with both pedal input and a transparent, fully buffered effects loop. Whether you’re plugging in vintage stompboxes or modern multi-effects, this amp handles them all with zero compatibility issues. Additionally, the compact two-button metal footswitch for channel and tremolo switching ensures it fits on any pedalboard without hassle.


  • Power Output: 20 Watts
  • Tubes: 2 x EL84, 3 x 12AX7
  • Channel Configuration: Single Channel with Clean/Overdrive Gain Selector
  • Features: Two Switchable Master Volumes, Studio Quality Reverb, Buffered FX Loop
  • Speaker Outputs: Individual outputs for 4, 8, 16, 2x4, 2x8 ohms
  • Additional Outputs: Line Out
  • Cabinet Material: Baltic Birch
  • Dimensions: Width: 20.75 inches, Depth: 10.375 inches, Height: 10 inches
  • Weight: 31 lbs
  • Accessories Included: Two Button Footswitch

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