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Bad Cat Cub 30w Combo Amplifier

Manufacturer #:BCP-2101

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Bad Cat Cub 30w Combo Amp with Cover/Footswitch

Bad Cat Cub 30w Combo Amp: Redefined Classic Tone

The Bad Cat Cub 30w Combo Amp stands as a testament to the evolution of sound, perfectly blending classic appeal with modern innovation. As one of the pioneering designs of Bad Cat, the Cub has graced stages and studios worldwide, delivering boutique, sought-after tones that resonate with musicians and audiences alike. Each generation of the Cub has introduced enhancements that refine its performance, and the latest model continues this proud tradition with notable advancements in its circuitry and features.

Enhanced Versatility with Dual Gain Modes

The latest Cub 30w features a meticulously updated circuit, offering two distinct gain modes to cater to diverse playing styles. The clean mode preserves the authentic tone that made the Cub a favorite, providing crystal clear sound that's perfect for jazz, blues, or any setting where clarity is paramount. Switch to the overdrive mode, and the amp reveals its bolder, more aggressive character. This newly voiced mode adds a rich, harmonic complexity to your sound, ideal for cutting through the mix during solos or when you need your riffs to roar.

Premium Controls for Sound Sculpting

This single-channel amplifier doesn't just stop at dual gain modes; it includes comprehensive controls that allow for meticulous tonal adjustments. Players can shape their sound with precision thanks to the global input volume, bass, mid, treble, and presence controls. Whether you're tweaking your tone for a small room or dialing it in for a concert hall, these controls offer the flexibility needed to achieve the perfect sound in any environment.

High-Quality Components and Design Features

The Bad Cat Cub 30w is built with top-tier components that underscore its boutique status. It features a 12-inch Celestion V30 “Bad Cat Custom” speaker, renowned for its robust sound and durability. The amp also includes a studio-quality reverb for adding depth and dimension to your playing, and a buffered effects loop that allows for seamless integration of external effects without compromising the core tone.


  • Power Output: 30 Watts
  • Tubes: 2x EL34 in Cathode-Bias Class AB Configuration
  • Channel Configuration: Single Channel
  • Gain Modes: Clean and Overdrive
  • Controls: Global Input Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence
  • Speaker: 1 x 12” Celestion V30 “Bad Cat Custom”
  • Additional Features: Studio Quality Reverb, Buffered Effects Loop
  • Accessories: 2 Button Footswitch, Slip Cover Included

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