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Pre-Owned Kramer 1988 Paul Dean - Autographed by Eddie Van Halen

Pre-Owned 1988 Kramer Paul Dean - Autographed and Gifted to Tom Weber from Eddie Van Halen

A Legendary Relic: 1988 Kramer Paul Dean Signature Guitar Owned by Eddie Van Halen's Tech, Autographed by Eddie

Unveiling a piece of rock history, behold the 1988 Kramer Paul Dean signature guitar once owned by none other than the legendary Eddie Van Halen himself. This guitar holds a remarkable story that spans over three decades, originating from EVH's guitar tech, Tom Weber. The journey begins with Tom's serendipitous encounter, transitioning into his pivotal role in shaping Eddie's iconic sound. What started as a heartfelt gift from Weber to Eddie, an Ovation steel-stringed acoustic, reciprocated with an unexpected gesturethe gift of the very Kramer guitar before you, adorned with Eddie's signature and a touching note of gratitude.

As you gaze upon this guitar, recognize the connection it holds, encapsulating the inception of Tom's close friendship with Eddie and his role as his trusted guitar tech from 2007 to 2020. The guitar's history is etched not only in its frets but also in the unique memorabilia it carriesa 1988 guitar pick personally gifted by Van Halen, a laminated Sound Engineer pass, and a tour pass from the duo's first meeting in 1988. Nestled within the case lies an invaluable treasure: a handwritten note from Eddie Van Halen himself, complete with his 1988 contact information, accompanied by a multipage letter penned by Weber, narrating the guitar's history and his journey with the band.

The Kramer represents the very beginning of my relationship with Ed, said Weber. I was lucky enough to develop a friendship with him, eventually winning my dream job becoming his guitar tech from 2007 right up until 2020. He was a true original, and so was this gift he gave me. Ive treasured this guitar for many years and now it is time for it to become the prized possession of another collector.

Presenting this exceptional collector's piece, we invite you to witness the craftsmanship, the history, and the profound connection it embodies. With its custom vinyl pin-striping and minor dings, this guitar carries not just its physical marks but the essence of a bond forged between two music icons. Open the case, and you'll feel the pulse of rock historya rare and extraordinary relic that resonates with the spirit of innovation and camaraderie. This is your chance to own a piece of the legendary King's legacy.


  • Model: 1988 Kramer Paul Dean Signature Guitar
  • Owned by Eddie Van Halen's Guitar Tech, Tom Weber
  • Includes Eddie Van Halen's Signature and Note of Gratitude
  • Custom Vinyl Pin-Striping and Minor Dings
  • Memorabilia: 1988 Guitar Pick, Laminated Sound Engineer Pass, 1988 Tour Pass
  • Hand-Written Note from Eddie Van Halen
  • Multipage Letter Narrating Guitar's History and Weber's Tenure

*This electric guitar ships fully insured with signature required.*

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