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Steggo Kloned Kentrosaurus

Steggo Kloned Kentrosaurus

About Steggo Studios:

Steggo Studios is dedicated to producing unique and fun guitar and bass effects pedals at a reasonable price. Steggo tends to focus on cloning vintage, boutique, modified, or other out of production pedals that are typically out of the reach of the average buyer. All Steggo pedals are hand made in Oregon often with a fun dinosaur themed enclosure. Steggo circuit boards are a mix of commercially produced and hand-etched through-hole boards. All electrical components in Steggo pedals are either purchased from the best available modern source or are certified vintage parts.

The Kloned Kentrosaurus

Love great overdrive pedals like the Klon KTR, but hate the high price and long waiting list Love pedals with a good sense of humor Do you just love dinosaurs If you can answer yes to any of these questions then the Kloned Kentrosaurus is the pedal for you!

This Klon Centaur / KTR clone combines the Centaurs mix of carbon film and metal film resistors, modern film capacitors, polar electrolytic capacitors with NOS germanium D2D diodes that match the voltage drop of the Klon Centaur to create a fun and unique pedal. The Kentrosaurus also includes a FAT tone control option and alternate clipping diodes using internal toggle switches.

There is no provision for an internal battery, so you'll need to hook it up to your standard 9V DC power supply!

  • MAKE: Steggo Studios
  • MODEL: Kloned Kentrosaurus
  • EFFECT TYPE: Boost
  • INPUTS: 1 x
  • OUTPUTS: 1 x
  • BATTERY: None
  • BYPASS: Buffered
  • DIMENSIONS: 3.6 X 4.8
  • WEIGHT: ~1 LBS
  • Box, Care and Feeding Instructions, Packing Dino
  • SN: SN005

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