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GFI Systems Synesthesia Dual Channel Modulation Pedal


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Synesthesia Dual Channel Modulation Pedal

The GFI System Synesthesia is a complex yet easy to use dual modulation pedal that brings up to 38 different effect algorithms to your rig in a pedal that's only 4.7" x 3.5" in size.  Thanks to its powerful dual engine architecture you get parallel control over two independent modulation effects at any given time, and through the pedal’s powerful digital switching options you have access to all manner of routing possibilities.  This pedal is fully compatible with a wide range of external switches and expression controllers including full sized MIDI in and thru, Expression in with adjustable heel and toe values, CV in, and up to a 3 button external switch (i.e. GFI’s own Triple Switch).  Thanks to the aforementioned routing options, you can even configure the pedal to feature an integrated effects loop to really give you some serious flexibility.  GFI’s custom SymmLab software lets you do truly in depth editing in an easy to read visual format on any computer via USB.  If you’re looking for a top-quality all in one modulation pedal that can let you use any combination of two effects at once in a package that’s easy to fit onto any rig, the GFI System Synesthesia is what you need.  Come try it today!


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