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CABZEUS Stereo Speaker Simulator + DI Box


The Cabzeus from GFI System is a new dual speaker simulator and DI that gives you access to a world of virtual cabinet and miking options within the simple physical interface and in depth software editor.  Thanks to the Cabzeus’ simple and intentional design you can choose between using stereo cab emulation (2 cabs at once) or stereo microphone emulation (1 cab, 2 mics) and to in and swap the cabinet and mic models out to your content.  The flexible routing on this unit makes it compatible with a wide variety of setups while the simple control set make sure you don’t have to worry about your tone in the middle of a gig or session.  Thanks to the Cabzeus, it’s now easier than ever before to get pro-quality recorded guitar sounds at home.  Come check it out today! 


Type: Effects

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