Disaster Area Designs 5P-CBA 5-Pin MIDI to Chase Bliss Cable


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 5P-CBA 5-Pin MIDI to TRS Chase Bliss Cable

Custom-made adapter cable converts 5-pin (DIN) MIDI output to 1/4″ MIDI for Chase Bliss Audio.

This cable requires pin 2 of your controller’s MIDI output to be earthed / grounded.  If you’re not sure whether your controller or MIDI device meets this requirement please contact its manufacturer.


All pedals except Warped Vinyl Mk1 and Wombtone Mk1


Set the DIP switches for your controller’s MultiJack to ON-ON-ON (most controllers) or ON-ON-ON-OFF (SMARTClock Gen3, DMC-6/8 Gen3.)

Enter the controller setup menu and configure the MultiJack for MIDI output.
DMC-3XL / 4, DPC-5, DMC.micro, JACK = MIDI
SMARTClock Gen3, MJ C or MJ D = MIDI
micro.clock, J C = MIDI

Set one of the scrolling devices (DevA, DevB, DevC, etc) to Chase Bliss.

Save the settings in the DMC Gen3.

Power the Chase Bliss Audio device on while holding both of its footswitches, then navigate to the scrolling mode for the device you previously set to Chase Bliss.

Tap either the left or right button on the DMC in scrolling mode, this will send a program change message to the Chase Bliss Audio pedal and set its MIDI channel.

Tap the left or right button on the DMC to verify that the Chase Bliss Audio pedal is responding to MIDI messages.

PLEASE NOTE we do not support the use of these cables with any other types of MIDI controllers.


5P-CBA: MultiJack TRS Cable CB

Type: Cables